Meet: Lollipop Seeds That Sprout for Kind Deeds!

We don’t know about you, but Easter is one of our favorite holidays of the year! How can you not love the fragrant blooming flowers, Easter bunny decor, baskets full of goodies and yes, the sweets! Oh and let’s not forget that any excuse to dress up and have brunch is A-Okay in our book!


So you can imagine our excitement when we were given the opportunity to work with a new Easter activity for families, Lollipop Seeds That Sprout For Kind Deeds!


Founded by the super marketing savvy mom, Cherri Prince, Lollipop Seeds That Spout For Kind Deeds is a great way for kids to get in the spirit of springtime while also learning the value and importance of doing kind deeds for others!


Here’s how it works:


According to legend, the tradition of Lollipop Seeds goes back hundreds of years. Prior to Easter, children are encouraged to do something special for someone they love, from sharing a snack to washing the dishes. On the night before Easter, they toss the seeds, brought by the Easter Bunny, in the grass, make a wish for someone special, then place a marker by the seeds. When they wake on Easter morning, Lollipops will have sprouted, not by water or sun, but by kindness instead.


How adorable and fun is that?!


Each Lollipop Seeds Kit comes with two seed packets, markers and a beautifully illustrated keepsake book.


There’s still time to score one for you and your family!


You can check out the website and purchase your kit, with free shipping here:


Have an “Egg-cellent” Easter!!!! (and check out the fun photos below!)