Our Story

K. Sutherland PR is a full-service, boutique firm that offers a comprehensive and personal approach to modern public relations. Our clients include a diverse mix of lifestyle, travel, pet, healthcare, wine & spirits, and corporate brands.

Founded by Kerry Sutherland in 2012, our team has been dedicated since day one to crafting and telling stories that create meaningful, relevant emotional connections that make a difference. We believe in strategic partnerships, seamless communication and rock-solid relationships.

At K. Sutherland PR, we know that successful PR isn’t just about coverage- it’s about generating awareness for your brand with the appropriate audiences at the right time. We consistently deliver, merging creativity and strategic execution while pushing the boundaries in all we do.

At the heart of K. Sutherland PR lies our public relations expertise, but our services expand beyond traditional PR, offering clients a holistic mix of strategic communications, social media, influencer marketing, content marketing and more.

With a diverse national and international portfolio touching every major media market, we are now accepting new clients and would love to hear from you!
Meet Our (Dream) Team

We bring out the best in our clients.

Our team will thoughtfully bring your concepts, products, and esteemed executives directly to the journalists, editors, influencers, and partners whose endorsement will build credibility, curiosity, and consumer demand.

Kerry Sutherland

Founder & CEO

Over her 18-years of experience, Kerry Sutherland has become a leading authority on lifestyle product PR, and has been instrumental in representing clients in numerous industries from travel, healthcare, and corporate to pet product brands and wine & spirits. She has represented clients across the globe, and she has the passport to prove it! Seeing gaps within large PR agency structure and culture, in 2012 she founded K. Sutherland PR with the desire to work hand-in-hand with emerging brands, raising their visibility by taking an individualized approach that is directed by their business goals and brand values. She is guided by her love and passion for the brands that K. Sutherland PR represents, along with the deep-rooted relationships with the media. When she’s not strategizing with clients or conceptualizing a new campaign, Kerry can be found spending time with her family (most likely at their favorite weekend escape- Donner Lake in Truckee, California), tackling a home renovation project, or sipping wine (if we’re being completely honest).

Kacy Matthews

Account Executive

Kacy Matthews earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2019, and continued her education, earning an MBA in 2021. Dreaming big has always been her forte, from traveling abroad twice to pursuing her dream job at K. Sutherland PR in 2021, the bar is never too high. With an imaginative right-brain and goal-driven personality, Kacy brings free flowing ideas and turns them into clever and strategic masterpieces for clients. When she is away from her desk, Kacy enjoys hiking the Reno/Tahoe area with her husband, and their pups, Koozie and Tipsy, and playing cards over a glass of wine with family and friends.

Parker Samuelson

Assistant Account Executive

Parker Samuelson is a graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno, and is no stranger to creativity. From a love of writing, documentary photography and political engagement, Parker brings her creativity to her work for our clients. Her experience and excitement for social media, storytelling and campaign conceptualization is obvious. She understands that every brand has a story, and her people-driven personality works to be sure that organic client message is delivered. When she’s out of office, you can usually find her frolicking about Reno’s food and drink scene, playing pickleball or visiting her family dog, Harry, in her hometown, Las Vegas. Her special love for animals and passion for connection make her an amazing fit for K. Sutherland PR and our clients!

Christy Castillo

Graphic Designer

Christy Castillo has worked in the pet industry for over six years helping brands with graphic design, branding, video editing and cinematography. She’s most in her element when her work involves dogs, but ultimately, a fleshed out set of brand guidelines are her happy place, regardless of industry. At K. Sutherland PR you can find her working behind the scenes to keep our pet brands’ creative and social media content strategy moving forward in the right direction. She has a soft spot for hounds, and a special interest in how dogs see the world and communicate with their people. When she’s not working, she’s most likely outside exploring while filming videos of her dogs, Elvis and Cosmo (and yes, they even have their own Insta account that you should go follow)!

“Since launching this agency in 2012, I’ve worked hard to curate a repertoire of emerging and global brands that my team and I are truly passionate about. We only work with brands we are obsessed with; brands that we understand and get excited about. The result? Campaigns that authentically speak to the right audience, stories that drive emotion and action, and connections that are genuine. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, that commitment- and passion- is stronger than ever.”
– Kerry Sutherland