Pets Best Featured in Veterinary Practice News

It’s a great day to learn about pet insurance!

Pets Best Pet Insurance CEO, Melissa Gutierrez, gave a detailed report on the rise in demand for pet insurance, employers offering pet benefits, and digital accessibility, such as a mobile app with a 24/7 hotline. The pet insurance industry has seen rapid growth, with more than 5.36 million insured pets in the North American market. Despite the increasing economic pressures many are facing, demand for pet insurance continues to rise. Pet-friendly workplaces are often sought out for, and employers are encouraged to consider pet insurance when presenting employee benefits. Additionally, with Gen Z and Millennials occupying majority of the pet insurance consumer market, pet parents are looking for instantaneous access to information and resources, such as filing a claim before leaving the vet, quickly consulting with a professional, and ordering prescriptions with ease.

Such an informative and important article from our client, Pets Best. Read the full article and learn more here!