We’re 5!

Maybe you didn’t know this about me, but 8 is my FAVORITE number. I really think it brings me luck. I have subtle 8s in my house, multiple 8s throughout the office, the number 8 is hidden in the Speak Wines logo and on and on and on… Lots of special things have happened to me (coincidentally) on the 8th…. One of those being K. Sutherland PR’s birthday!

I just can’t believe we’re 5 already! Seems like only yesterday that I was outside at my in-laws house, watching the sunrise, wondering what my first day “at the office” would be like…. Wondering what the future would bring.

Photo Taken 2/8/12, with the caption, "The Future Is Exciting!"


As I think back on the last 5 years, I just can’t help but feel overwhelmingly grateful, happy and proud.

So beyond grateful for the #KSPRGirlGang that has made this journey so wonderful…

Steph's 1st day, at her 1st desk.



And, the incredible opportunities that have come my way, because of K. Sutherland PR… including some pretty amazing work trips.

Reality TV Stars in Tahiti.
Germany, 2014.
New York, over and over again.
The Facebook HQ


In 5 years, we’ve certainly had a few offices… And, they’ve just been the coolest ever.

KSPR Irvine!
KSPR Laguna Beach!

But, I think our current home in Reno is a keeper!!

KSPR Reno!

Especially since I’ve been able to entice this girl to make the move from southern California!!


Even if her time so far as included WAY MORE snow days than normal. (I promise Steph, our winters aren’t usually this insane).


Working for myself has allowed me to create the office culture I’ve always wanted, and yes, it has included the occasional office baby. 😉



And, of course, all of our clients over the years… Just too many to list, but they have each been so special to me for a variety of reasons. I honestly believe we have the best clients, ever. They constantly inspire us, challenge us, excite us and keep this dream moving forward!


Thanks to all of you reading this, everyone who’s ever cared about K. Sutherland PR and helped contribute to what it is today! I appreciate you so much, and look forward to the next 50 years with you!

xoxo, Kerry