Wendy’s “Sweet Made Sweeter” blogger outreach campaign.

It all started when we, as in our entire office, were perusing some of our favorite fashion, family and “mommy” blogs. These blogs garner HUGE traffic numbers and subscribers, which make them an attractive target when pitching our clients’ products for reviews or giveaways and it’s been a successful strategy when increasing brand exposure on behalf of those we represent.

Think about it, a third party endorsement from a trusted mom… how could you say no to that?!

Well apparently the marketing team for Wendy’s thought about it, when they launched the “Sweet Made Sweeter” blogger outreach campaign. The concept is simple:


Find popular mom, style and family blogs.


Sponsor them to write a post about how the nostalgic Frosty and the new Frosty Waffle Cone helps you recall some of the sweet moments in your life. Oh and provide them with complimentary Frosty Waffle Cones. Oh and make sure they all take super stylish photos with their super cute children and wardrobes.


Hope that after their oh-so-dedicated readers see the post about said Frosty Waffle Cone, they will be inspired to (ok more like immediately CRAVE) a Frosty Waffle Cone and go buy one for themselves.

Well, it worked on us.

Don’t they look good?!

Creamy frosty goodness!

Sarah was experiencing some frosty difficulties.

 And, the inevitable messy, sticky hand aftermath.

 But back to the strategy folks…


We’re giving Wendy’s a huge (sticky) high five. Why? Well, it just goes to show that an online grassroots effort can prompt sales, awareness, and maybe even a midday snack break… And that’s pretty sweet.



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