Today was a good day: K.Sutherland PR Retreat… DAY 1

There’s just something about waking up at 3:30a.m. to get ready and make your flight at 6:04 a.m. (shout out to a certain someone for the ride) that makes a morning feel important, feel special, and let’s face it, feel EARLY!


And then- you arrive to the coolest office this side of the NV/CAL boarder and are greeted by your super cool, creative coworkers and are ready to make the most of this day to discuss, plan and create awesomeness for our clients….

Which is exactly what we did… with the occasional email, follow up break for good measure.


Day 1 of the K.Sutherland PR agency retreat consisted of our team of thinkers developing the best ways to serve our clients. Also, we each created a presentation for the team on a skill or trait that can benefit everyone. For Ryan: How to get what you want from a graphic designer, Jill: Things to keep in mind when writing for PR and Stephanie: The importance of relationships.  We planned, we brainstormed, we battled, we laughed and… most of all, we collaborated and thought of innovative ways to be the agency we want. The agency who works extremely hard. The agency who makes it happen. And, the agency who enjoys time with each other.


Not to mention… ending with post- 5:00p.m  office party and shuffleboard tournament is always a plus.

So excited for the rest of the weekend. Stay tuned, because something tells me… we’ve only JUST begun!