The Matador Network Features Aranui!

Having a break from life and going on vacation is something we all want, and Aranui Cruises can help you do just that! The Matador Network featured Aranui in their recent article, “Matador’s Guide to Cruising the World.” The Aranui is an incredible 12-day cruise that travels from the island of Tahiti to the remote Marquesas Islands. This cruise includes so many fun activities that you can do with the whole family! Enjoy hiking, scuba diving, remote beaches, g archaeological sites, tours of the islands led by locals and just enjoying everything the ship has to offer. You will never have a dull moment on this cruise because there is so much to explore while on this trip! Aranui offers a unique cruise experience like no other cruise line! Go to to learn more about the Aranui travel experience!

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