Weather hit the Reno/Truckee/Tahoe area by storm this last week…and there is more coming tomorrow!  In only a matter of days, snow accumulated to 5-6 FEET (yes, our lunch breaks consisted of lots of shoveling).  With roads and freeways closed, Stephanie and I have literally been snowed in up in Truckee with sometimes very limited power and internet access. But it hasn’t just been us in Truckee having to deal with weather drama, Reno declared a “State of Emergency” due to extreme flooding risks too… And, naturally our (adorable) office is just feet from the river. While the flood threats made it very difficult to make it into the office (road closures, etc), we’re happy to report we’re safe and dry (for now)!

We have had to work remotely lately, and appreciate everyone’s understanding while we let Mother Nature settle down. If you haven’t been able to reach us on the office phone line, please email! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

A new storm is hitting the ground tonight with snow accumulating a fresh, powder layer of 4 feet…let’s see how buried we get this time…Until then, let’s keep in touch via email and stay warm!