Scaredy Pet Challenge

Thundershirt has helped hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats across the nation suffering from anxiety and stress, most often caused by storms. But the concept is so simple it may have you asking yourself- does it really work?

Using a gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog or cat, similar to the way parents swaddle their infants, Thundershirt effectively relieves any anxiety, fearfulness, stress, barking and more.

Today, we introduced the first-ever Scaredy Pet Media Challenge and invite reporters to personally put it to the test! Here’s how it works:

We will provide credentialed media with three Thundeshirts to test on local dogs and/or cats in their area. All we’ll need are the shirts’ size requests, shipping instructions and deadlines. Try it out, and report on your findings. That’s it! It’s an amazing product, and we’re confident that you’ll agree.

Interested in taking the Scaredy Pet Challenge, or have additional questions about Thundershirt? Just contact us here.