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A few months ago, expressed interest in one of our clients,  If you’re not familiar, is a campervan, RV and motorhome relocation agent in Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada. A relocation agent is a company that contracts with rental companies and then offers their customers one-way travel opportunities to desired locations. Rather than hiring drivers to return the vehicles back to their origin, the rental companies prefer to offer extremely low rates to road trippers via  to relocate their vehicles. Customers are able to travel to various destinations for as little as $1 per day and in many cases, offers customers up to $250 in gas to incentivize relocations even further.  So it’s a great, cheap and easy way to explore some amazing travel destinations here in the U.S.! was extremely interested in doing a real-life road trip feature with  So naturally, we (Stephanie and Jill) offered to be the talent for the story and create a real-life moment for the editors! Jill had just gotten married, so we made this trip into a “mini” friend honeymoon. Yes, Stephanie and her boyfriend, Shane, crashed Jill’s honeymoon. This business trip/honeymoon adventure was a lot of hard work, but somehow we managed to survive the 3-day scenic road trip through beautiful California!

We decide to start in Southern California and make our way up the coast, ending in San Francisco. Everything during the trip was absolutely perfect (aside from cleaning the motorhome waste tanks…). really does only charge a $1 per day! There’s a small booking fee and insurance deposit, but aside from that, it’s probably the best/cheapest way to road trip in America.

It was breathtaking to see all of the beautiful California coastal sights. We made a couple of awesome pit stops along the way, like to Pasolivo Olive Oil Tasting Room, the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sam’s Chowder House. But you really have to read the full story here, to get the idea of how amazing this once in a lifetime press trip was for our team. We loved having the opportunity to experience first-hand, and to be able to truly say that it’s an awesome company with a unique concept that people should be taking advantage of!






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