Pasolivo Featured in Clean Eating Magazine

We love that we have an opportunity to represent not only a DELICIOUS, world-class Olive Oil, but one of the healthiest too! Pasolivo was recently featured in the national health publication, Clean Eating Magazine, calling it “Heaven in an Eco Friendly Tin”. Well, we would have to completely agree! In fact, did you know that Pasolivo prides themselves on making some of the healthiest and freshest olive oil possible? It all comes down to the way they olives are hand-picked, harvested and milled… only using sustainable methods that meet US Department of Agriculture Standards. Pasolivo olive oils are extremely high in polyphenols (those are like super amazing healthy antioxidants) which you can instantly taste in it’s grassy, peppery and pungent flavor… it’s unreal!

So, first: Check out this great mention: HERE

And, secondly… We suggest picking up some Pasolivo for yourself or for a lucky gift recipient. The holidays are basically at the doorstep and this liquid gold makes one AWESOME GIFT.

You can shop for Pasolivo HERE