Partner in Crime


Stephanie Fasi Named PARTNER (!) at K. Sutherland PR!!!!!!

Seems like only yesterday that Stephanie joined K. Sutherland PR as an Account Coordinator… 

Steph's 1st day, at her 1st desk.


Well, fast forward FIVE years and today I’m VERY excited to officially announce that Stephanie is now a PARTNER at K. Sutherland PR!!

This next chapter means Stephanie (sadly) will be heading back to her hometown (Fresno, California), where she’ll be (yay!) opening up her own K. Sutherland PR office!! This is a MAJOR expansion for the agency, and everyone here is so excited!!

For our current clients (all of us who love her so), she’ll still be behind-the-scenes pitching your brand to media like it’s her job (because it still is, really)!!

But, all of us here are wishing her the very best!!

I have a feeling the future is exciting! REALLY exciting!!