New Client: West Paw

Founded in 1996, West Paw has been family owned and operated from Bozeman, Montana. The company has recycled almost 150,000 pounds of award-winning dog toys, spun over 16 million water bottles into dog beds and toy stuffing, and innovated a toy line, Seaflex®, that reclaims ocean-bound plastic. West Paw’s complete line of Creamy, Freeze-Dried and Air-Dried Dog Treats are all humanely raised, sustainably sourced, healthy, nutritious and made in the USA.

West Paw also led the pet industry as first Certified B Corporation™ in 2013, joining the fast-growing list of companies and nonprofits worldwide committed to making a difference. They are a Founding Member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, so that more companies can increase positive impact, too. In 2015, West Paw became the first company doing business in Montana to change their corporate status to a Benefit Corporation. And in 2021, West Paw also expanded its commitment to their recycling program, Join the Loop®, by offering free in-store recycling collection “centers” to their retailers.

West Paw is a company that values all the best things in the world: transparency, sustainability, community, and of course, being Dog’s Best Friend®. I’ve been a fan (and customer) of West Paw for years, and am thrilled to announce they are now a client! Welcome to the team, West Paw! Let’s get to work!





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