New Client: Shed Defender

We are thrilled to announce Shed Defender, best-known for its dog onesies offering multiple benefits, has also joined K. Sutherland PR’s client list. The Shed Defender onesies are made in “Shed-Tex” durable, fully recyclable fabric offering an effective solution to excessive shedding and containing unwanted dog hair. The onesies can also be used for support after surgery as a veterinarian-approved, safe alternative to the traditional cone. The onesie’s enormous popularity has spurred continued growth, and the company has recently expanded its offerings to also include products from shed-defending shampoos, skin and coat conditioners, to soft chew supplements, anxiety relief products, leashes, and much more. Shed Defender is on a mission to help pets and their owners live happier, healthier life together.

We’re so excited to be on this wonderful team, and guide all aspects of the company’s PR strategy. Welcome, Shed Defender!! We’re so glad you’re here!