New Client: SeaTrek Sailing Adventures

Indulge in a world of adventure and excitement, of natural beauty, of barefoot elegance and relaxing simplicity, all wrapped up in the pleasures of great accommodation, fine food, breathtaking scenery, and the pleasure of being enveloped by the endless horizon of the sea with our new client: SeaTrek Sailing Adventures!

With two, authentic wooden sailing ships, much like those used by legendary adventurers throughout history, a maximum of 24 guests per cruise follow the trade winds on journeys of discovery to many of the still remote areas of the Indonesian archipelago, where exotic wildlife, remote cultures, and wonderful snorkeling opportunities abound. SeaTrek’s four year-round sailing collections include: Ring of Fire (from April-August), Spice Islands (from September-October), Heart of the Coral Triangle (November-January) and The Undiscovered Frontier (February-March). Time at sea with SeaTrek is loaded with nature and wildlife on land and in the ocean, masses of snorkeling time on remote and untouched coral reefs, a deeper understanding of Indonesian history and culture, and an exhilarating journey through time on beautiful wooden ships led by their all-indonesian crew and tour leaders. Visit some of the world’s most exotic, culture-rich, and breathtaking destinations, and experience Indonesia through Indonesian eyes with SeaTrek Sailing Adventures.

We are so excited to bring this amazing adventure and travel story to media!! Welcome to the K. Sutherland PR team, SeaTrek!

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