New Client: Rowdy Bars!

I had a really good gut feeling about Rowdy Bars from the first message I received from the company’s founder, Kellie Lee. (Those of you who know me and my family will totally get it). 😉


Based in Reno, Nevada (!!!), Kellie contacted us to help grow Rowdy Bars’ brand awareness and media exposure nationwide. Product PR is at the heart of what we do best at K. Sutherland PR, but we don’t always have the opportunity to execute a national PR campaign for a locally-based company!! This is going to be so much fun!


Packed with unique, CLEAN, and powerful ingredients, including Yacon Root, a prebiotic-powered natural sweetener, Rowdy Bars delivers lasting, sustainable energy bars to fuel true go-getters.


This is truly mindful, on-the-go eating at its best.


Apart from their clean ingredients, my favorite thing about Rowdy Bars is that they won’t lead you to a crash…instead, they’ll provide meaningful energy that will fuel you for hours. The zero-glycemic properties of Yacon Root keep blood sugar levels stable making it the perfect option for everyone, including diabetics. Oh, and they are delicious!!


You can shop Rowdy Bars at select grocery stores nationwide, and online here.


And, just last week they officially launched a new KETO BAR in Chocolaty Cookie Dough!!


Interested in learning more about the many health benefits of prebiotics, or their complete line of Rowdy Bars? Just click here.


Rowdy Bars, we’re so excited to welcome you to the K. Sutherland PR team!!

Now, let’s get to work!