New Client: Rounded Plate

We’re ALL ABOUT making healthy eating fun, interactive and creative, which is why we are so excited to announce our newest children’s product client, Rounded Plate! Launching TODAY, this 21-day program/game encourages kids to make healthy eating choices!

Rounded Plate was created by Rachel Pollard, a mother of three who simply wanted to create a fun way for her kids to make healthy eating choices, resulting in healthier, lifelong habits.


Rounded Plate was founded on the belief that building healthy habits in kids takes practice. The positive approach to healthy eating focuses more about the food choices that parents want their children to eat more of, versus foods they should avoid. Rounded Plate program features daily tracking tools, informational guides about different types of foods and incentives for success and practice to actively engage children in their food choices.

Here’s how the program works:

To start the Rounded Plate program, families first set individual goals to eat a certain number of vegetables, fruits and proteins each day. A food chart is provided to give ideas and inspiration for family food choices.

Throughout each day, kids and parents can track what healthy foods they have eaten with a daily coloring sheet.

The 21-day program uses incentives for when kids and parents meet their daily and weekly goals. Meaningful incentives can be family activities like a trip to the park or a small prize for saving bonus stickers.  The entire family’s progress is visibly tracked on a common Rounded Plate scoreboard.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this new, fun product, visit! For a limited time, those who successfully complete the program will receive a $15 grocery store gfit card.


Here’s to healthy habits, and healthy families!