New Client: Paw Pods

Saying goodbye, and coping with the loss of a family pet is extremely emotional, and difficult for the entire family. And, I’m speaking from recent experience (both my parents and in-laws lost their family dogs last month). Currently, there are few options available in the market for grieving pet parents to say goodbye in a meaningful, affordable way…But our new client, Paw Pods, is looking to change that.

The company was founded earlier this year, and they offer 6 sizes of pet burial pods and 2 sizes of urns, each made from all-natural, biodegradable materials such as bamboo and rice husk. Their products are 100% eco-friendly, and can hold any type of pet or a cremated pet’s ashes. Their products also include a sympathy card and seeded leaf that can be planted with the beloved pet and will bloom beautiful wildflowers year-after-year as a living memorial. But, perhaps the most important part (at least in my opinion) is the experience they offer grieving pet parents, and their {human} children. Losing a pet is usually the first experience with death for a child. With Paw Pods, now we can create a memorable family experience, and opportunity to teach our kids about loss, and the grieving process.

The pet industry needed a company like Paw Pods, and we’re honored to now be representing the brand.