New Client: Nutram

Now, this is a pet food we can really get excited about!!!

Oh-so-thrilled to introduce you to our new client, Nutram.

Nutram is a pet wellness company with a holistic, nutrition-first approach to nourishing our pets’ total wellbeing. Launching now in the United States, the leading Nutram holistic nutritionist and their entire team of nutrition experts carefully craft and cook recipes that pair specific ingredients together for the most healthful combinations, bolstering the various benefits from each individual ingredient. This unique, balanced wellness approach is 100% natural and truly holistic- resulting in happier pets in all stages of life.

The secret to Nutram’s very unique approach is in their Optimum Combinations™. Utilizing holistic discipline to support each individual ingredient selection, Nutram carefully thought out each ingredient and paired them strategically, and in a truly holistic way to amplify the various benefits of every ingredient in the food. Nutram diets are highly digestible, allowing pets to absorb more essential nutrients, and recipes are tailored and available in three specific categories:

Nutram Sound Balanced Wellness®- which offers holistic recipes that are crafted and cooked specifically for the various life-stages of pets.

Nutram Ideal Solution Support®- which offers holistic and natural food crafted and cooked to support specific nutritional needs of your pet such as: immunity support, weight control, skin & coat, digestibility, natural detox, calming effects, mobility and bladder health.

Nutram Total Grain-Free®- providing pets with all the benefits of Nutram food, but in a grain-free solution.

Nutram’s recipes are naturally preserved, use meat grown without the use of hormones, and most recipes have a low glycemic index.

Nutram products ensure pets receive the maximum nutritional benefits and advantages without the fillers and added supplements they don’t need. 
Committed to total pet health and wellness, Nutram’s pet food is proudly made in Canada with the finest ingredients at a self-owned, premium pet food manufacturing facility with more than 30 years of experience and success in the Canadian and international pet food industry. 
Nutram is currently accepting pre-orders, and is scheduled to be available at pet specialty retailers across the United States in the summer of 2015.

Welcome to the team, Nutram!! We’re so glad you’re here!