New Client: Motu Teta

I am very excited to announce that K. Sutherland PR is the official agency of record for Motu Teta, an all-inclusive, luxury private island and boutique resort hotel in Rangiroa, Tahiti.

Our traditional and social media campaign will target affluent, adventure-loving travelers from around the world seeking a private, luxurious and relaxing vacation experience in paradise.

Located in French Polynesia’s Rangiroa Atoll, Motu Teta is a beautiful piece of what the South Pacific once was – unspoiled by pollution and industry, untouched by human aspects of civilization, and far from the pressures and cares of urban life. This exclusive and secretive private island resort hotel invites visitors to embrace all that Tahiti has to offer and includes many activities and excursions such as snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, lobster hunting, spear fishing, wakeboarding, and many more. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to take a trip to the Pink Sand Escape and experience first-hand shark watching and feeding, or take the day to do some ocean reef exploration. To learn more, visit

Motu Teta is certainly a one-of-a-kind traveling experience. We are thrilled to have won such a prestigious account in one of the most competitive categories within PR- travel…Not to mention, the research phase is going to be SO FUN!