New Client: Hiddin

We are so excited to officially welcome HiddinTM, to our client list! Envisioned and created by interior designer, Tracey Butler, also the founder of Clear Home Design, Hiddin™ was born from the idea that pet products don’t have to be unattractive to be functional, creating a line of clear acrylic pet products. Hiddin™ allows owners to beautifully blend their pets and pet products into their home, by preserving the interior aesthetic of the home and the happiness of our pets. Hiddin™ offers functional, clear acrylic products, including pet gates, crates, feeders, and much more. Their products are gorgeous and we are thrilled to be managing the brand’s social media strategy from content to influencer campaigns and more! You’ve got to see these gorgeous products here.

So happy to be working with you, Hiddin! This is going to be fun!