New Client: EverAfter

We are so excited to introduce our new client, EverAfter!

Designed to pay tribute to our beloved pets,  EverAfter is a new and exclusive addition to the pet memorial marketplace. EverAfter provides customers with a one-of-a-kind memorial art piece using their pets’ cremated ashes to preserve their memory, while channeling the healing power of art in a piece that will forever remind you of the love you shared.

EverAfter memorial art is your pet; a visual representation of the essence of their soul. Using the chemistry found in a small amount of a pet’s cremated ashes, EverAfter provides a personalized abstract art piece that is 100% unique to their molecular makeup, igniting imagination and memories of your departed pet, while providing comfort through the unimaginable loss of a beloved companion.

EverAfter uses their proprietary, Essence of Life ProcessTM which takes high-resolution digital images of microscopic crystals that are formed from the chemistry contained in a pet’s ashes. The resulting abstract patterns, shapes, and often-vivid colors are the actual crystal formations formed by this process, not created by a computer or imaging software. Each art piece is unique to each individual pet, and no two images are the same.

Designed with ease of use in mind, EverAfter’s simple 4-step process makes it easy to celebrate your pet’s life. Upon receiving your EverAfter kit, customers will transfer a small spoonful of their pet’s cremated ashes into the glass jar provided and return to the EverAfter lab to undergo the meticulous Essence of Life ProcessTM. Customers can expect their personalized artwork 4-6 weeks from receipt of the sample.

The EverAfter Digital Kit contains all the supplies needed to collect and return a small sample of your pet’s ashes. An HD digital image of your pet’s Essence of Life is included, along with an 8×10 photo art panel with stand, and an option to upgrade your order to a larger sized canvas print on high-quality artisan canvas. EverAfter’s Digital Kit is available online here at an MSRP of $249.00.

This is not a painting or an artist’s interpretation of a pet’s life, but a scientific “fingerprint” of their unique characteristics and molecular makeup. We love how truly heartwarming and unique this new pet product is, and can’t wait to help bring the brand to media, and ultimately more pet owners who will love it!

Welcome to the KSPR team, EverAfter!! We’re so glad you’re here!!