New Client: Display Technologies

We have a super cool new client announcement, and it makes my Type A, organization-obsessed heart very happy. 🙂

Welcome, Display Technologies!! With their unique, high quality beverage organizers you can say goodbye forever to spilled drinks and messy fridge shelves. Not to mention, have some serious fun stocking (and restocking) your fridge. I love the Fridge-Plus for its minimal, clean design. ZERO assembly is required, and it glide holds up to 20 cans or bottles. This is my Fridge-Plus, and she’s really, really cute!

Now, I always know what we have, what needs to be added to my shopping list, and it looks so pretty in my fridge! This is a serious upgrade for my family, and would also be great for any fridge in the kitchen, the bar, the garage, the home gym, the game room, you name it…

The Display Technologies Visi-Fast drink organizer is another great option, specifically for fridges of all sizes. You can upgrade your fridge (and life, let’s be honest) to feel like a personal convenience store with their largest size options available, or easily tailor depth and width to meet your specific organization dreams. It’s durable, it’s functional and it’s pretty fun to use, too!

You can visit the Display Technologies store and SHOP on Amazon here.

Be always stocked, and never messy with Display Technologies! We’re so excited for all the social content creation and influencer collabs to come!

Let’s get to work, and have some fun organizing!!

xx, Kerry