New Client: Age Management Institute

With preventative healthcare becoming more and more of a hot topic in this country, the unique medical specialty- Age Management- is rapidly growing in awareness and popularity. This speciality incorporates the latest research on human aging, nutrition, diet and exercise to provide optimal health and vitality for its patients.

Since 2004, the Age Management Institute led by Mark Gunderson, M.D. has been paving the way in this specialty, and helping patients locally in northern Nevada, regionally, nationally and even internationally to control their individual aging process. Patients not only enjoy a better quality of life, but improved body composition, weight loss, improved mood and mental clarity, are less fatigued, have greater strength and endurance, less inflammation and more. The practice also offers patients a variety of medically supervised accelerated weight loss programs such as HCG and Paleo, and the most sophisticated and effective anti-aging skincare treatments.

This is an outstanding practice in a very exciting, cutting-edge medical specialty. We are thrilled to be working with the Age Management Institute!