Merry Media Pitching

As you’ve probably gathered, K.Sutherland PR LOVES to celebrate.

From gifting a humble bottle of nail polish for “nailing it” with a client or pitch, to our recent Christmas beach getaway extravaganza, if there’s an occasion that needs attention… we’re on it.

This holiday season, boss lady Kerry has been supplying us daily with fun and productive ways to celebrate this magical time of year…


No, behind those cute little doors you won’t find a chocolate Santa or a tiny trinket. But, you will embark on an enchanting slip of paper, let’s call it a “Ticket to the PR {Polar}Express” that prompts you to really maximize your PR greatness that day.

Here are just a few examples of what we’ve received so far…

“Pitch a New Year’s Angle to at least 10 short lead publications for an applicable client of your choice” 

“Spend one hour making social media improvements (increasing interaction, revising an ad buy, or improving content) for a client of your choice’

“Divide and conquer: Send a pitch to the following for any applicable clients: Huffington Post, Women’s Day, CBS Early Show, Yahoo News,”

Each morning there’s a lucky recipient and it’s really been a fun way to mix things up and approach the day with just a little more holiday ‘oomph’. So thank you to our oh-so-creative and motivational head PR Elf, Kerry for introducing the PR Advent Calendar to your team! Not to mention, I’m pretty sure that after completing these tasks… we are a shoo-in for the nice list.

Happy Holidays!