Meet Jill.

We first met in Leadership class at Bishop ManogueHow appropriate, and Go Miners! I was a senior, and she was a newbie freshman. Obviously, we both shared a love of planning {pep rallies}, managing {school elections}, organizing {spirit squads}, and networking {with lots of friends}. Leadership fits PR pros, I think.


Then, naturally our paths crossed often at the University of Nevada, Reno J-School, the occasional Nevada Greek event, and more. We both enjoyed a study-abroad-adventure during college (Jill en espanol, and me en francais). And since then, and perhaps most importantly, have each worked extremely hard to to learn and grow as public relations professionals.


Jill is a brilliant writer, and thinker. She knows how to create and execute PR plans that are effective for clients, and make a real difference. She has impeccable taste, style, and a sincere appreciation for {real} good food…and wine. Oh, and her positive attitude, awesome sense of humor and undeniable Nevada pride (like only a native can understand) are ridiculously amazing extras.


She’s simply… Major.


Jill, you are the best addition to K. Sutherland PR that I could have ever wished for, and I’m beyond thrilled you’re the agency’s new PR Director {but also, my good friend}. Welcome! I know you’ll love it here! -Kerry