Live in 3, 2, 1…

A few of our clients have recently been interviewed live for in-studio “Ask the Doctor” segments on the CBS affiliate in Reno, KTVN Channel 2. It got us thinking… What are our top 3, most valuable words of wisdom for those of you out there preparing for an important interview?

1. Try to keep your message at the top- learn from Obama/Romney. They are both experts at knowing exactly what key messages they want to be promoting, at any given time, to any type of journalist (print, broadcast, online, etc). They’ve mastered the art of “bridging”, meaning that no matter what the question- they somehow make a link to a topic that they’d “prefer” to be commenting on… You know what I’m talking about! Incorporate bridging language into your interview vocabulary. Example: “…but, the most important thing to remember here is…”

2. Helpful hint if you’re feeling nervous during a live interview and your mind goes blank- you can buy yourself a few seconds if you paraphrase the question asked in your reply. Example: “…great question, Oprah, I would have to say my favorite 90210 character was…”. A beautiful, well-known and well-trained Nevada beauty pageant queen taught me that little trick. It works.

3. Be prepared, but be natural. You wouldn’t have been selected for the interview in the first place if you weren’t the expert on that specific topic. A little confidence can really go a long way.

Live on KTVN Channel 2, 8/13/12

Click here to watch our client, Dr. Mike Hodes of Silver State Hearing and Balance- Ryland discuss hearing loss and treatment options.

Live on KTVN, 8/20/12

And, click here to watch another one of our clients, Dr. Robert Merchant of the Reno Vein Clinic discussing varicose and spider vein issues.




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