#KSPRFitness February Challenge!

It’s day 1 of our KSPR February fitness challenge (luckily, it is also the start of the shortest month of the year)!

Throughout February, as an office, we are making a commitment to fitness, health, feeling good and are looking toward summer to keep us motivated; after all, summer bodies are made in the winter! With daily hydration reminders, a meal plan with approved foods and portion sizes, weekly runs and fitness classes at Reno’s newest fitness studios, The Dailey Method and Body Harmony, we are committed to being healthy, strong and are all ready to kick some major booty.

Follow along our office fitness journey on our Instagram and even join in on the fun! Click below to download our hydration reminder and list of approved foods to help make February your healthiest (and most hydrated) month of 2017 so far!