Kerry Named “Woman of Influence”

It was a HUGE honor to have been named a “Women of Influence” in the March issue of Pet Age Magazine!! Every day I feel so grateful to work in a profession and industry that I love so much! I often shy away from attention, but I thought it would be fun to share my complete interview with Pet Age Magazine with you here… Thanks again, Pet Age Magazine editors and staff!! You really made my day! -Kerry

Pet Age: What inspired you to get into the pet industry?

Kerry: Working with animals inspired me to get into the pet industry, and working with pet industry people keep me in this industry. I find that all involved really love their jobs and believe in the work they do, so that makes my job easy to help them.

I say this all the time, but I’ve always felt that the pet industry really chose me. I’ve represented a variety of pet product brands and initiatives over the years, but didn’t expect to continue that work after I launched my own agency in 2012. However, word got around quick that I was off on my own, and in less than 2 weeks I started getting calls and referrals from pet product manufacturers, well-known pet media and industry leaders. Honestly, it was incredibly flattering, and ultimately I was thrilled to continue my work in such a fun, exciting industry that I love so much. Now, six years later, I feel more confident than ever in our agency and our unique ability to deliver the most successful PR campaigns in the pet industry.

Pet Age: What do you feel is your biggest contribution to the pet business and/or pet owners?

Kerry: I am very proud of the work we do at K. Sutherland PR, and view our clients- 90% of whom come from referrals- as invaluable partners. We sustain long-term, successful client relationships because of our very personalized approach to PR that ultimately produces meaningful results. When we’re successful, our clients are successful. And, when our clients’ businesses grow- that grows the industry as a whole.

Pet Age: What is something you are totally passionate about and why?

Kerry: Since launching this agency in 2012, I’ve worked hard to curate a repertoire of emerging and global brands that my team and I are truly passionate about. We only work with brands we are obsessed with; brands that we understand and get excited about. The result? Campaigns that authentically speak to the right audience, stories that drive emotion and action, and connections that are genuine. As we enter into our 6th year, that commitment- and passion- is stronger than ever.

Pet Age: What is the best decision you’ve made in the last 5 years and why?

Kerry: The best professional decision I’ve made in the last 5 years is to put my heart and soul into my agency, my people, and my clients. I love my job and my life.

Pet Age: What is something daring or scary you’ve done?

Kerry: Last year, my husband and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary on Safari in Botswana and South Africa. Being in the animals’ environment and watching them eat, play, and mate was truly special, if not a little intimidating. We traveled in open-air land rovers, and while feeling a little exposed (especially by the elephants, hippos, and lions) I truly appreciated how large and diverse our world is.

Pet Age: What’s your favorite animal and why?

Kerry: I love dogs! I have two- Jesse and Peanut! Santa brought our family a puppy last Christmas, and it was love at first sight! My 7-year-old daughter quickly named him Peanut, and he’s so easy on the eyes! We are all in love! And my trusty companion Jesse, who is 19- years-young is still with us, teaching the puppy what he needs to know. He is the sweetest old dog around.


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