K. Sutherland PR Retreat Day Two: Destination Los Angeles!

As day two of our agency retreat commenced, I don’t think any of us would have guessed what was in store for us!

First and foremost, our team photo shoot. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait for the big unveiling. But let me tell you, things are looking HOT. 😉

The shoot location included 360 views of Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, and the Griffith Observatory. A spectacular start to the big day ahead of us.

From there we hit Kitchen 24 for brunch & brainstorming. Kitchen 24 is one of my personal favorites in LA with its modern twist on the 1950’s diner. Definitely helped spark some big ideas for our clients!

Being in Hollywood, it only makes sense that a little Hollywood magic take effect. After brunch an unexpected phone call from a friend (and client) of KSPR sends us on a last minute adventure to see that magic in action…

Four tickets to a VIP, Club 33 tour of the Walt Disney Studios.  A fitting adventure for our agency, and specifically this team retreat.  Walt Disney is a legacy built on the idea of being different, doing things your own way and creating a product that truly inspires. A code that we here at KSPR strive to fulfill.

From touring the animation studios, archives, TV and film sets to even participating in a sound check/film loop recording- we had a MAJOR blast. Day two: Success!

– Ryan











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