K.Sutherland PR Featured on Pretty Fluffy’s ‘Behind the Brand’

When the BEAUTIFUL pet and lifestyle blog, Pretty Fluffy was interested in getting to know our agency a little better, we were honored and so excited to give readers a peek into our office life, culture and team.

Founded by the lovely Serena Faber Nelson, Pretty Fluffy is your ultimate resource for stylish pet friendly living. Her site is a wonderful place to learn about the most wanted new products, chic DIY projects, pet-friendly home tours and yes, even glimpses into some seriously stylish pet and lifestyle brands (wink wink). Serena and her team have done such a wonderful job capturing both the aesthetic and joy that {stylish} pet ownership means! 

We gave the Pretty Fluffy team a glimpse into what it’s like to work at K.SutherlandPR, and Kerry shared some of her professional journey. Their final story was so incredible, and again- we couldn’t be more flattered to have been featured, let alone as part of their blog’s big relaunch. Thank you again, Serena!

We encourage you to check out the full story HERE, but for now- some of the photos featured (shout out to our awesome photographer and friend, Rod Foster!)