Introducing the Revolutionary Sealy® Dog Bed

Sealy, Inc.®, one of the world’s largest bedding brands, in collaboration with dogPACER™, most-famous for its line of dog treadmills, has launched the new Sealy® Dog Bed. The revolutionary Sealy Dog Bed, the brand’s first dog bed offering, uses a signature Quad Layer Technology, allowing all our favorite four-legged friends to enjoy a cooler, more supportive and restful sleep.

The Sealy Dog Bed provides a large variety of amenities to ensure dogs are receiving the best rest possible. The Quad Layer technology features:

  • Cooling Energy Gel™a layer which absorbs stress on joints, and cools dogs for comfort
  • PetRest Memory Foam™– inspired by NASA’s original invention, and proven to help increase circulation by conforming to a pet’s body shape
  • Green Tea Orthopedic Foamto maintain natural weight distribution
  • HD Charcoal Base– which provides essential support and absorbs odors

In addition to the Quad Layer technology, the Sealy Dog Bed has a non-slip bottom, washable covers, waterproof internal liner and no exposed zippers making it the most comfortable and owner-friendly dog bed on the market.

“At Sealy, we’re dedicated to helping the world sleep better, including our beloved pets,” said Margo Borgione, Director of International Business Development and Licensing for Sealy. “We wanted to take dog beds a step further, align ourselves with a well-known and trusted brand in the pet industry like dogPACER, and collaborate on a product design that provides dogs with more comfortable and supportive rest.”

Nominated for “Best New Product” at SuperZoo 2013 and named “Best Dog Bed of the Year” by the “Pet Radio Hosts”, the revolutionary Sealy Dog Bed was thoughtfully designed by the makers of award-winning dogPACER, the world’s leader in dog treadmills.

“We learned quickly during our research, and meetings with veterinarians nationwide how prevalent orthopedic problems like hip dysplasia and arthritis are among our dogs, and how those health problems are negatively affected by the inadequate beds in the market today,” said David Ezra, CEO of dogPACER. “Now, together with Sealy’s incredible technology and access to the latest in bedding innovations, and our understanding of what products our pets need in order to maintain their health and well-being, we are so proud to offer the world’s #1 dog bed to our customers. This is the last dog bed you’ll ever need to buy.”  

Officially licensed by dogPACER, the Sealy Dog Bed is available in three sizes and retails from $99.99 to $169.99. All beds come with a five-year guarantee, and will be available online at and at pet specialty and retail outlets nationwide beginning October 15, 2013.

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