Hey! It’s Nevada Day!

Nevada Day… it’s a big deal around these parts, especially our in Reno office!

So, you want to know why we love the Silver State SO MUCH?


The KSPR oh so unofficial Nevada Day Love List!

Nevada is awesome because…



Now, we know that everywhere you go you’ll find great ones, but there’s just something about Nevadans… whether it’s the nice way they drive on the roads, fact that your neighbor will most likely help you shovel your driveway, OR our AMAZING Nevada-based clients… Nevada peeps, you make us happy! Not to mention, a trip to the grocery store will most likely result in running into at least three people you know.


2.  The celebration factor…

There’s always an excuse to celebrate SOMETHING where we’re from! Obviously, we take a whole day to celebrate our state heritage, but we also celebrate the finer things in life, like outhouse races, bar crawling Santas and we can even turn a 179 mile relay race around the lake into a party. Please note, the fact that we have a 24-hour nightlife is both a blessing and a curse. They say nothing good happens after 2am… but sometimes there are exceptions.


3. Seasons, man…

Our SoCal office might have Northern Nevada beat for consistently beautiful weather, but we will happily take the cold, snow and heat as it provides the perfect excuse to have a well-rounded wardrobe…ha! In all seriousness, a little variety on the weather front is A-OK with us! I mean, just look at this:


4. You can really get lost…


Did you know that Nevada is home to more than 600 ghost towns? Now, without sounding like a history book- we will just say an adventure through the state is totally worth it, whether atop a mountain or inside deserted mine- there’s some crazy awesome things to see. And, fun fact #1: According to Kerry, the gift shop in Jarbridge houses some RAD finds.  Fun fact #2: Jill has literally gotten lost on a ski hill before and had to have the ski patrol find her… it’s a long story.


5. Oh yeah, and this…


Ok, we’re off to celebrate our great state! Make sure you follow us on snap chat! username: ksutherlandpr to see ALL our Nevada Day weekend fun!









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