Hey! It’s National Pet Obesity Awareness Day!

If you haven’t already caught on… we LOVE us some pets… especially healthy ones! So, it only seemed natural to acknowledge National Pet Obesity Awareness Day today.


An estimated 54% of all dogs and cats in the United States are reported to be either overweight or obese.  Similar to humans, obesity can be responsible for a multitude of health dangers and even early death in our pets.  National Pet Obesity Awareness Day serves as a reminder for pet owners and vets alike to assess their pets physical and dietary needs as well as record this data for future pet health studies.


Looking for some great ideas to inspire a healthy pet? Here’s some picks brought to you from some of our amazing clients!



Get out and MOVE with your pet!

So, what do you need to do this? Well, a leash of course! Luckily, we represent the best of all leash brands out there, flexi®! flexi®, the company who invented retractable dog leashes more than 40 years ago, recently introduced the flexi VARIO, a high-tech dog leash that provides flexibility, security and comfort for both dog and owner on their walks. The VARIO leash concept can be variably adjusted to the wants and needs of every dog owner. Some of the major new features: LED Lighting System; Multi-purpose box for treats or waste bags; Leash replacement options including an LED Flash Belt, Duo Belt for walking two dogs and a Soft Stop belt to stop the dog without jolting; Adjustable grip size; Short-lift braking system and more. Sold at pet-specialty retailers nationwide, including PetSmart and Petco, learn more at: http://www.flexi-northamerica.com/us/



And, if you can’t get OUT and move with your pet…

The dogPACER dog treadmill might be just what your  pooch needs to stay in shape! dogPACER develops the world’s most accessible and affordable dog treadmills, without sacrificing exceptional quality.  The original dogPACER and the minipacer for small dogs, as well as the special edition dogPACER Elite, are made of strong but lightweight carbon steel, designed to hold up to even the toughest workouts. Attractive and user-friendly, dogPACER treadmills have revolutionized the dog treadmill market.  Learn more at: http://www.dogpacer.com


Make goals and track them, with StarWalk!

Monitoring how active your pet is can help give you a clearer picture of how active they really need to be. Think FitBit for dogs! The lightweight StarWalk™ device attaches to any dog’s collar and works for dogs of all sizes. Once synced with the free downloadable app, the StarWalk™ uses an advanced accelerometer that measures a dog’s steps, activity levels and calories burned. Pet owners can set fitness goals for their dogs via the StarWalk™ app. The dog’s progress for that day is displayed on the device’s illuminated bars, once all bars are illuminated then the fitness goal has been completed. Another useful feature of StarWalk™ is the illuminated LED Starlight lighting system with changeable colors, which helps to brighten nighttime walks and increases a dog’s visibility to others in the dark. For more information, visit www.iqpetcollar.com.


Finally, TREAT them the healthy way with some grain free treats!


A healthy diet is KEY to combatting a pet’s weight. Here are two healthy and fun treat options from our friends, nootie™ and nature’s bits!

Nootie yumZies™ Duck Jerky Burgers provide a healthy new way for pet owners to treat their dogs and eliminate the risk of common allergies to grain, chicken and beef. Plus, they are made right here in the USA! Duck Jerky Burgers flavors include: Hickory Smoked Duck, Duck and Pumpkin, BBQ Duck, and Duck & Sweet Potato… you’ll be dog’s best friend in no time! For more info, visit www.nootie.com

Another great treat option is from nature’s bits, which is a new line of dog treats that are 100% made and sourced in the USA, grain and gluten free. With six delicious flavors, Nature’s Bits are offered in both oven-baked soft and crunchy-baked varieties, sure to please any dog in your life. Learn more at www.naturesbits.com.

Hope you’ve had a Wednesday and here’s to all the happy, and HEALTHY pets that we love!