Flea Marketing: K. Sutherland PR Retreat, the final day.

We finished off our final day of the agency retreat at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  This place is AMAZING! And the perfect place to gain inspiration for the agency and all of our clients!

First off, this place is BIG! I mean HUGE! So we all got our fair share of walking including our daily dose of sun…it sure was a hot day in Pasadena.

After about (what felt like) 3 days of walking, we finally found our way to the entrance. We wasted no time beginning our KSPR scavenger hunt. Rules: finding the things that inspire us individually, our work, reminded us of each other, the agency, and our clients…and taking many photos to share with the team. PLUS we were each given a little spending cash to find the perfect office desk accessory to represent and remind us of this fabulous retreat forever! 🙂


The Rose Bowl Flea Market is full of all sorts of hidden treasures and I’m positive that our team dug out a few… including my adorable K. Sutherland colored framed chalk board! Get ready for some pics of my favorite daily quotes, starting with ….

It was a very successful, and very MAJOR weekend! Until next time…