Conde Nast Traveler features Aranui Cruises!

We know… if you’re going to take a cruise, be sure it’s a smaller ship sailing only to the most remote, exotic and untouched destinations on Earth! Our sincere thanks to Conde Nast Traveler for including our client, Aranui Cruises in their recent story, “6 Cruises to the Most Remote Destinations on Earth”! According to the article, “in the remote Marquesas Islands there are a handful of islands with airports, but Fatu Hiva isn’t home to any of them- it’s remote even compared to the neighboring islands.”

According to Kerry ;), Fatu Hiva is one of the most gorgeous islands in the world! She says, “it’s hard to even dream of a such a stunning paradise!”

Aranui Cruises operates as a truly special experience, with its ½ cargo ship carrier in the front and passenger cruise atmosphere in the back. Amidst the crew unloading supplies at each stop through the Marquesas, the additional adventure awaits tourists willing to try something totally unique and truly authentic.

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