Client Case Study

In 2012, Wondercide retained our agency to spearhead a comprehensive, on-going PR initiative to build brand awareness and media attention, and educate consumers on the many benefits to natural pet care.

Based in Austin, Texas, Wondercide was created by Stephanie Boone in 2008 after her dog Luna fell ill from pesticide poisoning due to a harmful flea & tick product. On a mission to save her dog, and the millions of other pets that are still treated with monthly pesticide drops, Boone sought out scientists and professors who had experience working with bio-based ingredients such as cedar oil extractions. Together, they worked to develop alternative pest control that are effective, and don’t use harmful and poisonous chemicals.

Sutherland PR has worked to position Wondercide as the holistic, effective solution to pest control products in the pet industry, which overtime has evolved into promoting their many solutions to various traditional household products for pets, people and property.

In 2016, Boone appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank which created significant growth and tremendous awareness following the exposure. Since that episode aired (and continues to re-run even to this day), our team finds new opportunities to leverage the exposure and capitalize on the amazing popularity of the show to garner additional media exposure for Wondercide.

Over the years, our efforts have supported various business and sales goals at Wondercide, and we’re very proud of the relationship we have with this amazing company, and also the results we’ve earned on their behalf. From national media coverage in outlets like People, Reader’s Digest, POPSUGAR, Woman’s Day, Prevention Magazine, Bustle, and also countless pet consumer media, blogger, influencer and also local and regional features, it has been great to help communicate Wondercide’s mission, educate consumers and ultimately, help the company sell more products over the years.