Client Case Study

Imoova offers road trippers the cheapest opportunity to take a vacation via RV, campervan, etc. at a serious discount (as low as $1/day). While the company was established (and wildly popular) in New Zealand and Australia, their business concept was totally foreign to the everyday American traveler when they contacted K. Sutherland PR in 2015. Simply put, imoova contracts directly with traditional rental companies (car, campervan, RV and motorhome- all the brands typically found at an airport, for example) that offer their customers one-way travel opportunities to desired locations. Rather than hiring drivers to return the vehicles back to their origin, the rental companies prefer to offer extremely low rates to road trippers via to relocate their vehicles for them.

You’ve probably done it before- rented a car in one city, and delivered it back to another city? Well, that car (or RV, campervan, etc) needs to return to its origin somehow. That’s where imoova comes in, offering the “relocation” at a serious discount and allowing road trippers a really budget-friendly option for their vacation.

As you can imagine, our PR campaign required a lot of education given this very unique, totally new way of booking a vacation in the US. Our focused media relations outreach and targeted influencer collaborations landed imoova some of the most important exposure in the outlets they needed most including prominent features in daily newspapers nationwide, AARP, Yahoo! Finance, Redbook and many more.