Carson Tahoe HopeFest 2014

Last month we got our groove, food and drink on… all while raising money for a great cause! Yep, that’s right- we are talking about Carson Tahoe HopeFest 2014!

Our client, Carson Tahoe Health hosts HopeFest each year to raise money for the Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center. Money raised at the event provides critical support with no-cost lodging (for rural cancer patients in need) and assistance with things like gas money to get to treatment, insurance co-pays and life-saving medications.

HopeFest 2014 had a RECORD TURNOUT! With nearly 1,600 people in attendance and more than $80,000.00 raised, our night under the stars listening to the famed rock band, Antsy McLain and The Trailer Park Troubadours was a definite success!



Want to learn more about the Carson Tahoe Foundation and how they help individuals in our community? Visit