A BIG week for Carson Tahoe Health!

In the past seven days, our client Carson Tahoe Health hosted a fantastic benefit concert, HopeFest to raise money for local cancer patients. THEN… four days later, Carson Tahoe Health announced incredible news for cancer patients in Northern Nevada: a partnership with the world class Huntsman Cancer Institute of The University Of Utah Health.

So folks, here’s a bit about both great things and a big, fat HIGH FIVE to our favorite hospital in the silver state!


HopeFest 2015

What do you get when you combine Celtic rock music a la Young Dubliners, beer, wine, food truck treats and the stunning Nevada mountain sunset?

HopeFest baby!

Let’s just say, this event isn’t your run of mill stuffy ballroom shindig with rubber chicken charity fundraiser… Oh no, it’s a party!

And, the best part?

HopeFest 2015 raised more than $120,000 for LOCAL cancer patients in need!

The Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource center uses the money raised by food, drink and raffle ticket sales at HopeFest to ease some of the financial burden that local cancer patients face. As many of us know, a cancer diagnosis can be a major financial burden, which is why the Carson Tahoe Cancer Resource Center is there to provide temporary housing, gas cards and other financial assistance for Northern Nevada cancer patients.

Some fun shots from an OH SO FUN evening!

How hard does this HopeFest supporter ROCK?

But friends, the excitement CONTINUES!

 Drumroll please… (ok, we know we already spilled the beans, but this is BIG).

 On August 25, 2015 Carson Tahoe Health announced their official affiliation/partnership with Huntsman Cancer Institute of University of Utah Health.  This means that those fighting cancer in Northern Nevada NOW have access to world-class standards, treatment and research! The combined efforts of both impressive institutions (Carson Tahoe Cancer Center is the ONLY Gold Level accredited cancer center in Nevada) blend expertise and educational opportunities associated with the large academic medical center to offer exceptional treatment for ALL types of cancer.

 You can read more about this exciting partnership here!

So once again… let’s all give a huge, major, big and loud KUDOS to the wonderful Carson Tahoe Health and ALL they are doing to provide the best care, healing, treatment and HOPE for those battling cancer in Nevada.





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